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K9 Kidz

Daycare in North Hartland, VT with training, positive reinforcement, structure, and rest times. 

WOOF While You Walk

Small daycare in Windsor, VT.

Dog Star Canine

Daycare in Springfield, NH.

Complete Canine

Daycare in Plainfield, NH.

Choosing the right daycare is important for your dog's well-being!


Some questions to help you when searching for a new daycare facility:

  • Does the daycare have structure? 

  • Does the daycare have built-in rest/nap times to avoid over-stimulation?

  • How many dogs are in the daycare groups? 

  • How many staff members are monitoring the daycare group?

  • How are dogs grouped together? (i.e. by age, by size, by temperament, by energy level, etc.)

It's also important to realize that daycare is actually not suitable for a lot of dogs. Many dogs do not enjoy or thrive in daycare environments, especially as they mature and out-grow playful puppyhood. 

A note about choosing the best daycare for your dog.

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