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Dog Star Canine

Boarding facility in Springfield, NH with individual suites, play yards, and staff on-site 24/7.

Iron Dog Kennel

Small at-home boarding facility in Canaan, NH.

Complete Canine

Boarding facility in Plainfield, NH with indoor/outdoor runs, play yard, and staff on-site 24/7.

K9 Kidz

Small boarding facility in North Hartland, VT. **Dogs in their boarding program must also attend daycare, and boarding regularly. They are often full but there is a waitlist.

Choosing the right boarding facility can make all the difference - for your dog's well-being and safety, and for your peace of mind when you're away.


Some questions to help you when searching for a new boarding facility:

  • How noisy and overwhelming is the environment?

  • Does it seem clean?

  • Does it smell?

  • What type of rooms/runs/kennels/suites do they have?

  • Are there raised beds off the hard floor?

  • How are dogs grouped together if going out to play? (i.e. by age, by size, by temperament, by energy level, etc.)

  • Does staff administer medication and is there an extra fee?

  • What kind of experience/education do the owners and staff members have?

  • Are the dogs ever left outside unsupervised?

  • Are there emergency plans and procedures in place (for fire, vet care, etc.)?

  • What is the ventilation, heating, and cooling like?

  • How is your dog when you pick them up after boarding?

A note about choosing the best boarding facility for your dog.

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