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Our Sniffspot


Do you have a reactive or dog-aggressive dog? Is your dog fearful of unfamiliar dogs or people? Is it difficult to take your dog places where there might be off-leash dogs? 

Our Sniffspot is a safe, private place to exercise or train with your dog, or simply let them experience a new place and get a ton of good sniffing in. 

Dog in trees.jpeg

The yard is fully fenced with 6' high solid wooden panels. There are trees for shade, rocks and obstacles to climb on, toys to play with, and some agility equipment. We also plan to open up our short trail in the woods soon! 
NOTE: We have dogs of our own inside the house and sometimes boarding dogs in the business building. They won't be visible from the Sniffspot yard or outside at all while you're there, but occasionally they may bark and can be heard from in the yard. But we try our best to minimize any barking. 

The yard will be rentable for $10/hour. There are limited reservation times available as we see how this works around the schedules of our own dogs, work, and boarding dogs.

Dogs must be vaccinated and free of parasites. Please make sure your dog is on flea/tick/heartworm prevention. You must pick up your dog's waste – there is a scooper and trash can for disposal.

Questions? Feel free to email

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